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Mayfair Brassware LTD
(trade site)
Mayfair House
Unit 8 Hurricane Close
Lancaster Business Park
Leeds LS25 6PB



 Technical Support                               


    If you experience any problems or just need some technical advice when your product arrives please feel free to contact our technical

    support team on:



     T: 01977 686 560               

     F: 01977 686 561


    If you email or leave a message for us please include all your contact details and a member of our team will contact you.


  Spare Parts

    If you require spare parts for your Mayfair product please use the following contact details:



    T: 01977 686 560               

    F: 01977 686 561

    Please note that you may be asked for proof of purchase before being sent any spare part, please see our trade page for further details.

77 686 561


   Product Care

  Please click on the link below to download product care instructions

  Hard Water in the UK PDF

  Download Product Aftercare PDF



 Things to consider before purchasing a Mayfair product


    Different households across the UK have different water pressures available to them. The water pressure depends on which system is situated within

    your house. Below is a link that enables you to download some information on domestic water systems so you can identify which system you have:


  Click here to check which domestic water system you have  PDF


    It is also recommended that you check your water pressure with a qualified plumber before you purchase a Mayfair product to make sure you choose

    one that suits your water pressure and will work efficiently.

    The majority of our products are suitable for both low and high water pressure, however, below is a link to our pressure table showing the pressure

    recommended for each of our products: